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Jennell Reddick for Alderman

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Our campaign will be focused on three key points: Economic Development, Education and Bridging the Gap

As the president of R.L. Thompson Company, a company my father started in 2006.  I have seen first hand how important local support is to our community and the continuous need to adapt to unplanned transitions.


Now more than ever, workforce and economic development is vital to the growth and sustainability of our city.  The saying “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” by Lao Tzu is ever so relevant today.  Education is my passion.  I love teaching those who others have declared unreachable or unteachable.  As an educator, I know that education changes our mindset.  There are many resources and programs available that I will help connect to the citizens of New Bern I will represent, as well as offer to our entire community through collaboration with other Alderman and officials alike.


As your next Alderman, I will make the tough decisions! Likewise, I will work together with my colleagues to build a better New Bern for us all.  When we work together, we will be better!

I am asking you, my friends, family, and citizens for your support and prayers as we move forward in bridging the gap.  


Elect Jennell Reddick on Tuesday, May 17th , 2022.


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Putting My Experience
to Work

Jennell is a native of New Bern, North Carolina. In 1991, she graduated of New Bern High School. Thereafter, she attended Eastern Carolina University where she earned a Bachelor of Science Math Education, Minor in Business Administration and a Master in Administration and Curriculum Instruction. She is the second-generation President of, R.L. Thompson Company Inc, a business formed by her father.

Jennell began her career in the public education system, where she worked as a high school math teacher. Jennell has a passion for education.  She is in continuous pursuit to educate and connect available resources to her community.  She is currently the CEO and founder of Open Doors Academy, an up-and-coming private trade school in Craven County, and also serves as a New Bern Housing Authority Commissioner. Mrs. Reddick's zeal for education has aided her reputation as a determined GO GETTER!



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